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    Location of Angus Council owned and managed sites and properties. Includes common good properties.

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    Town centres and other retail centres are defined by local authorities to meet the requirement of Scottish Planning Policy (paragraph 61) to identify town centres and other retail locations as part of a network of centres to support retail type development in the most appropriate locations. This network of centres forms part of the sequential test in assessing retail planning applications, which should be located firstly in town centres, then in other retail centres or edge-of-centre sites, so the dataset provides key locational information in assisting retail planning and policies. These centres may be defined in local development plans in the first instance.

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    Boundaries for designated greenbelts as defined in the South Ayrshire Local Development Plan. The greenbelt areas provide an effective method of: • protecting the operational needs of Prestwick Airport. • managing the development pressures placed on land around Ayr, Prestwick and Troon in terms of maintaining the identity of towns and preventing coalescence; • maintaining the landscape setting of settlements; • providing recreational opportunities; • and protecting good quality agricultural land.

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    Polygon shapefile showing the Edinburgh World Heritage Site as of 1997. World Heritage Sites are designated to meet the UK’s commitments under the World Heritage Convention. The UK’s ratification also extends to its Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies. These sites are designated for their globally important cultural or natural interest and require appropriate management and protection measures.

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    Boundary of Site Specific Policies within North Ayrshire as set out in the Local Development Plan

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    Conservation Areas in Angus

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    Gives current catchment/delineated areas for all primary schools in Angus.

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    Boundary dataset depicting the areas of land at the ends of the Prestwick Airport runways within which development is restricted in order to control the number of people on the ground at risk of death or injury in the event of an aircraft accident on take–off or landing.

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    Gives current catchment/delineated areas for pre-school classes attached to primary schools in Angus.

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    Gives catchment/delineated areas for secondary schools in Angus