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    Angus Council and Dundee City Council have jointly prepared the Annual Audit of Housing Land detailing those sites with a capacity of five or more houses which contribute to the available supply of land for housebuilding in Angus and Dundee.

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    Conservation Areas in Angus

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    Gives current catchment/delineated areas for all primary schools in Angus.

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    Boundary of Settlements within North Ayrshire as set out in the Local Development Plan

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    Late Submission Sites submitted as part of the Local Plan Review Main Issues Report

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    Properties that Angus Council owns or occupies or has owned or occupied or has some other interest in.

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    Dataset provides details of the location and description of Common Good land from the Financial Records passed to the Council from the former Burghs and District Councils. The extent of the land is indicative due to the vague description in the titles on which it is based.

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    The employment land supply is intended to meet the requirements of Scottish Planning Policy, which states (at paragraph 46) that: - “Planning authorities should ensure there is a range and choice of marketable sites and locations for businesses allocated in development plans, including opportunities for mixed use development, to meet anticipated requirements and a variety of size and quality requirements”.

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    Development Control Areas in Angus

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    A site proposed in the Argyll and Bute adopted Local Development Plan 2015 for specified development purposes which can be expected to be commenced or delivered within the plan-period without having to overcome significant obstacles to the development