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    Fish Smoking Area in Arbroath for the production of the Arbroath Smokie

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    Angus Local Development Plan Rural Settlement Units (RSU) in Angus.

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    Local Plan Development Boundaries of villages and towns. Also known as Settlement Boundaries.

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    The complete listing of all Council houses owned and administered by Angus Council

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    Areas where Permitted Development rights under classes 1,7 & 8 of Town Country Planning (General Permitted Development)(Scotland) Order 1992 have been revoked.

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    All local authorities will receive planning applications for renewable energy sites. Some local authorities have provided us with such data, from which we have selected only approved and/ or operational sites. We have also received separate files of data showing renwable energy sites - both as point and polygon, and we have attempted to merge all of this data together to form a national dataset.

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    Polygon shapefile showing the Edinburgh World Heritage Site as of 1997. World Heritage Sites are designated to meet the UK’s commitments under the World Heritage Convention. The UK’s ratification also extends to its Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies. These sites are designated for their globally important cultural or natural interest and require appropriate management and protection measures.

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    Location of Angus Council owned and managed sites and properties. Includes common good properties.

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    Angus Council and Dundee City Council have jointly prepared the Annual Audit of Housing Land detailing those sites with a capacity of five or more houses which contribute to the available supply of land for housebuilding in Angus and Dundee.

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    Policy area within the main town centres where non-retail development is restricted in the interests of sustaining the commercial integrity of the town centres and their central shopping functions. Deisgnated in the Argyll and Bute adopted Local Development Plan 2015