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    Map layer showing Operational Areas within the Environmental Health Section of The Highland Council - North Highland, Mid Highland and West Highland.

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    The 8 old operational areas in Highland (pre 2007): Badenoch and Strathspey; Caithness; Inverness; Lochaber; Nairn; Ross and Cromarty; Skye and Lochalsh; Sutherland;

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    The 3 Operational Areas created in 2007 - - Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross - Inverness, Nairn and Badenoch & Strathspey - Ross, Skye and Lochaber

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    Highland Council Community Council boundaries.

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    This GIS layer details the Flare Zones within the Highland Council Area. A Flare Zone is an administrative area referred to within the operations for Environmental Health. Flare is the Information Management System used within the Environmental Health Function of The Highland Council - this database is also known as CIVICA APP.

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    The geogrpahical areas covered by each Area Committee in the Highland Council area.

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    Polling places in Highland. A polling place is the building or area in which the Returning Officer will allocate a polling station, where the electorate go to cast their vote in an election.

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    Polling Districts in Highland Council. A polling district is a geographical sub-division of an electoral area. For voting purposes, each parliamentary constituency and every local government ward is divided into one or more polling districts.

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    Regional and Local Resilience Partnerships (RRPs/LRPs) are the principal mechanisms for multi-agency co-ordination under The Civil Contingencies Act (2004). They promote co-operation between organisations in preparation for and responding to national emergencies. A Resilience Partnership may be activated to deal with the wider consequences of the emergency and ensure that multi-agency response is well coordinated and effective. Resilience Partnerships can be convened at a local level or across a wider area depending on the nature of the incident and the organisations involved.

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    Areas of Greatest Potential. Scottish Planning Policy states that planning authorities “should identify where there is strategic capacity for wind farms, and areas with the greatest potential for wind development”. Areas of greatest scope for further investigating the feasibility of developing wind farms. These areas have been identified on Policy Guidance maps by removing additional constraints from the spatial framework map of the areas likely to be most appropriate for wind farm development. The remaining areas which have been mapped for each development typology are the areas with the fewest constraints and therefore the greatest potential for wind farm developments.