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    Information about Scottish schools are updated by the Scottish Government annually for the purposes of monitoring overall performance, equality and individual policies. This dataset provides the current geocoded location, contact address, roll numbers, teacher numbers, denomination, and proportion of pupils from minority and ethnic groups for each primary, secondary and special school in Scotland. Updates are normally published in the spring, and reflective of the previous September.

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    This view service provides spatial data relating to utility and governmental services held by the Scottish Government.

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    Scottish councils usually divide towns and country areas into catchments and children living in a catchment area will usually go to the same local school. Domestic properties typically have a catchment area for each of their local: - primary non-denominational (PN), - secondary non-denominational (SN), - primary denominational/ Catholic (PD) and - secondary denominational/ Catholic (SN) schools. This dataset contains four separate layers (representing those above categories), which we deliver together as one single web service or zip folder. These data layers do not contain the catchment areas for Jordanhill primary and secondary school catchments which is located in west Glasgow. This is because it is a Scottish Government-funded school. This data will be provided by other data publishers in due course.

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    This download service provides spatial data relating to utility and governmental services held by the Scottish Government.

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    Location of Primary, Secondary and Special Needs schools in Argyll and Bute including denominational (Roman Catholic) Primary Schools

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    Location of Public and Corporate Wifi sites in North Ayrshire

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    Licenced sites regulated under the Controlled Activities Regulation (CAR) in Scotland that abstract water for hydropower purposes

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    Boundaries of electoral polling places within North Ayrshire

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    Location of benches maintained by the North Ayrshire Council Streetscene team

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    Many Local Authorities capture locational details of certain safety features located across their area of jurisdiction. This dataset attempts to pull those features together into one single national dataset. It currently contains defibrillator, water access points, fire hydrant, lifebelt and CCTV locations where local authorities have provided them. It is likely that this dataset will be superseded and/ or conflated into a national emergency services gazetteer as and when that is created.