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    Boundaries for designated greenbelts as defined in the South Ayrshire Local Development Plan. The greenbelt areas provide an effective method of: • protecting the operational needs of Prestwick Airport. • managing the development pressures placed on land around Ayr, Prestwick and Troon in terms of maintaining the identity of towns and preventing coalescence; • maintaining the landscape setting of settlements; • providing recreational opportunities; • and protecting good quality agricultural land.

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    Boundary dataset depicting the areas of land at the ends of the Prestwick Airport runways within which development is restricted in order to control the number of people on the ground at risk of death or injury in the event of an aircraft accident on take–off or landing.

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    Areas of notable environmental or historical interest or importance which are protected by Planning regulations against undesirable changes

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    Areas of Panoramic Quality designated in the Argyll and Bute adopted Local Development Plan 2015. These are areas of regional importance in terms of their landscape quality which were previously identified as ‘Regional Scenic Areas’ in the former Strathclyde Structure Plan

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    A survey issued by the Scottish Government to establish the extent & state of vacant & derelict land in Scotland. Local Authorities return data to the Scottish Government for checking.

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    Safeguarding zones for developments around Prestwick Airport

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    The LDP is a strategic land use plan that sets out strategic spatial priorities and policies for South Ayrshire and will secure land for specified uses (e.g. housing/industry etc.) to provide certainty for development.

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    The employment land supply is intended to meet the requirements of Scottish Planning Policy, which states (at paragraph 46) that: - “Planning authorities should ensure there is a range and choice of marketable sites and locations for businesses allocated in development plans, including opportunities for mixed use development, to meet anticipated requirements and a variety of size and quality requirements”.

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    Boundaries of South Ayrshire land supply sites for housing with a capacity for 4 or more homes. The South Ayrshire Land Supply sites were agreed following an audit meeting between South Ayrshire Council as local planning authority and Homes for Scotland as representatives of the house building industry. The audit meets the requirements of Scottish Planning Policy to monitor the minimum 5-year effective land supply.

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    INSPIRE Cadastral Parcels is a dataset maintained and produced by the Registers of Scotland to comply with the INSPIRE Directive. It is a sub-set of the Cadastral Map and contains the location of ownership polygons at ground level in Scotland. The polygons contained within the dataset are shapes that show the position and indicative extent of ownership of the earth’s surface for each registered property. Each cadastral parcel has a unique identifier called the inspire id that relates to a registered title on Scotland’s Land Register. The extent of rights and land contained within a title registered in the land register cannot be established from the cadastral parcel. For more detailed information on land and property data in Scotland you can search free at