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    INSPIRE Cadastral Parcels is a dataset maintained and produced by the Registers of Scotland to comply with the INSPIRE Directive. It is a sub-set of the Cadastral Map and contains the location of ownership polygons at ground level in Scotland. The polygons contained within the dataset are shapes that show the position and indicative extent of ownership of the earth’s surface for each registered property. Each cadastral parcel has a unique identifier called the inspire id that relates to a registered title on Scotland’s Land Register. The extent of rights and land contained within a title registered in the land register cannot be established from the cadastral parcel. This service provides access to each of the 33 Registration Counties as a pre-defined dataset in csv format or as an ATOM feed. For more detailed information on land and property data in Scotland you can search free at

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    Service providing links to datasets available on Angus Council website. Downloadable data available in EPSG:4326 and both compressed GML and ESRI shapefile.