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    Grit Bin Locations (Moray)

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    Fife Council town centre areas

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    Potential areas of contaminated land

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    Dataset provides details of areas where the scenery is highly valued locally and designated to ensure that the landscape is not damaged by inappropriate development. The designations raise awareness of the landscape qualities that make the particular areas distinctive, and have associated policies to safeguard their valued features. They aim to promote understanding of the distinctive character and special qualities of the landscape, ensuring that there is careful consideration of development and the impacts that may result on that landscape, while supporting positive change and opportunities for enjoyment, maintenance and enhancement of the distinctive character.

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    Fish Smoking Area in Arbroath for the production of the Arbroath Smokie

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    Dataset provides details of windfarm areas of search

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    The non-denominational primary school catchment areas in Fife, each of which is associated with one non-denominational primary school and used as a catchment area for enrolment at the school.

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    Dataset provides details of the location and description of Common Good land from the Financial Records passed to the Council from the former Burghs and District Councils. The extent of the land is indicative due to the vague description in the titles on which it is based.

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    Late Submission Sites submitted as part of the Local Plan Review Main Issues Report

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    Fife Council designated areas of important natural heritage, designated and managed by the authorities to give people better opportunities to learn about and enjoy nature.