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    Conservation Areas in Angus

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    Dataset provides details of the location and description of vacant and or derelict land. This is previously developed land that is available for redevelopment. There would normally be a physical constraint caused by its previous use that hampers its redevelopment or naturalisation.

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    Dataset provides details of The FIFEplan Local Development Plan (LDP) sets out detailed policies and proposals (land use) that guide development including site specific and detailed policies\\nwhich guide the day-to-day decisions made on planning applications. They seek to implement the Strategic Development Plan requirements (TAYplan and SESplan) on a site \\nspecific basis over a ten year period in Fife.

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    Gives current catchment/delineated areas for pre-school classes attached to primary schools in Angus.

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    Angus Council and Dundee City Council have jointly prepared the Annual Audit of Housing Land detailing those sites with a capacity of five or more houses which contribute to the available supply of land for housebuilding in Angus and Dundee.

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    Gives catchment/delineated areas for secondary schools in Angus

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    Dataset provides details of the location and description of development (take-up) of employment land as allocated in adopted local plans for the audit period August 1st(year) to 31stJuly (year). This also includes windfall sites which are employment sites which come through the planning system and are not allocated in an adopted local plan.

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    Tree Preservation Orders in Angus

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    In Moray, the education authority discharges its duty to secure adequate and efficient education for the local authority area by operating a “catchment area” system to enable parents/carers to comply with their duty to provide efficient education for their child(ren). The zones (catchment areas) are shown as delineated areas on maps. Information on these catchment areas is available at the Moray Council website. Most parents of children living within the catchment area will choose for their children to attend the designated primary and secondary school for their catchment area. If a parent wishes their child to be enrolled at a school which is not the designated catchment area school for their postal address, they must make an out-of-zone ‘placing request’.

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    Fife has one of the UK's most comprehensive cycling networks. Over 350 miles of sign posted cycle network includes a variety of leisure and commuting routes.Terrain varies from off road disused railway tracks to routes in forests and from networks in towns and networks in quiet country lanes.