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    Polling places in Highland. A polling place is the building or area in which the Returning Officer will allocate a polling station, where the electorate go to cast their vote in an election.

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    Polling Districts in Highland Council. A polling district is a geographical sub-division of an electoral area. For voting purposes, each parliamentary constituency and every local government ward is divided into one or more polling districts.

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    Town centres and other retail centres are defined by local authorities to meet the requirement of Scottish Planning Policy (paragraph 61) to identify town centres and other retail locations as part of a network of centres to support retail type development in the most appropriate locations. This network of centres forms part of the sequential test in assessing retail planning applications, which should be located firstly in town centres, then in other retail centres or edge-of-centre sites, so the dataset provides key locational information in assisting retail planning and policies. These centres may be defined in local development plans in the first instance.

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    All local authorities will receive planning applications for renewable energy sites. Some local authorities have provided us with such data, from which we have selected only approved and/ or operational sites. We have also received separate files of data showing renwable energy sites - both as point and polygon, and we have attempted to merge all of this data together to form a national dataset.

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    Each Local Authority should have a list of libraries within their Council area. These may be static i.e. located in one building all of the time, or mobile i.e. they are in vehicles that attend a set location on a specific day at a certain time. This data may also be collected as part of other datasets (e.g. Council Asset Register) though Local Authorities do appear to hold it as a distinct layer. Further information on Libraries in Scotland (inc. non-LA libraries) is available from The Scottish Library and Information Council (

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    Grit Bin Locations (Moray)

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    Tell Me Scotland is a portal for accessing public information notices issued by local authorities across Scotland. The site allows users to: - Search for public notices such as planning and licensing in an area - Check roadworks and restrictions on any chosen route - Search archived notices across the country - Register to receive alerts by text or email on notices in an area - Select an area on the map, or from the list below to view notices in that area This service is supported by an API that allows REST queries returning data in JSON or XML format. The API allows GET requests for notices in bulk, individually, by type (Planning, Traffic, General, Licensing and Councillor Surgeries) and also details and lists of organisations. The API also allows POST request for upload of notices by authorised users and organisations. In order to access the data via the API, a TellMeScotland account is required with REST read-only permissions and associated authorisations. (for authorised users) (main website) To obtain a TellMeScotland account and associated authorisations, users should contact It is also possible to register individually for notice alerts, or to view the website as an unregistered user, but this does not allow direct access to the API.

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    A survey issued by the Scottish Government to establish the extent & state of vacant & derelict land in Scotland. Local Authorities return data to the Scottish Government for checking.

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    Local authorities have the power to make by-laws to prohibit the drinking of alcohol in designated public places under provisions contained in the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973 (under sections 201, 202 and 203) subject to confirmation by Scottish Ministers. To date, 27 local authorities across Scotland have by-laws which prohibit the drinking of alcohol in designated public places in more than 480 towns and villages across Scotland, together with the built up areas within the city of Glasgow and Edinburgh have such by-laws. They range from a total ban on drinking at all times, to a ban at specified times or on specified days.

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    Community councils are required to be established by local authorities. They are the most local tier of statutory representation in Scotland. They bridge the gap between local authorities and communities and help to make public bodies aware of the opinions and needs of the communities they represent. Community councils are statutory consultees under various processes, such as for planning applications. There are many instances where polygons do not tessellate or snap to local authority boundaries. The Spatial Hub processing can correct for some minor gap errors (<5m) but not larger ones. Such gaps in the dataset mean that it cannot potentially be used for some kinds of spatial analysis e.g. point in polygon, because some point locations may fall within the gaps. These gaps either require amendment at source or approval for the IS to change.