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    Demonstration and Research Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) are designated by Scottish Ministers under the Marine (Scotland) Act 2010. Sites can be established for the purpose of demonstrating, or carrying out research on sustainable methods of marine management or exploitation in Scottish territorial waters. Their application is not restricted to nature conservation. Proposals will be developed and assessed according to a set of specific guidelines which will examine the scientific case for a MPA, the level of support and the reasons why a MPA is the most appropriate mechanism to use.

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    The Scottish Marine Regions are 11 areas established for the purposes of regional marine planning, defined by The Scottish Marine Regions Order 2015. These regions are sub-areas of both the "Scottish marine area" defined in the Marine (Scotland) Act 2010 and "Scottish inshore region" defined in the Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009. Marine planning will take place at a local level within these regions, where regional marine planning will be delegated to Marine Planning Partnerships (MPPs).

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    Extents of bathing waters defined by The Scottish Government and SEPA as required by The Revised Bathing Waters Directive (2006/7/EC)

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    Many Local Authorities capture locational details of certain safety features located across their area of jurisdiction. This dataset attempts to pull those features together into one single national dataset. It currently contains defibrillator, water access points, fire hydrant, lifebelt and CCTV locations where local authorities have provided them. It is likely that this dataset will be superseded and/ or conflated into a national emergency services gazetteer as and when that is created.

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    Car parking zones in Perth city centre. Parking in Perth City is divided into three zones. Different pricing and waiting periods apply depending on the zone.

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    River water bodies were designated on the basis of WFD United Kingdom Technical Advisory Group (UKTAG) guidance. Reviewed annually based upon new information relating to pressures.

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    This dataset is an amalgamation of licenced SEPA & some Local Authority Septic Tanks in Scotland. Under section 79 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and Under part 6, section 37 of the Water Resources (Scotland) Act 2013 SEPA, Scottish Water and Local Authorities all have a responsibility for the registration, management and compliance of Septic Tanks within Scotland. The Scottish Assessors also currently identifies 678 septic tanks. These are tanks that serve more than one dwelling. Those that serve just one dwelling may be treated as an appurtenance of the dwelling i.e. they are classified as domestic and treated as being reflected in the Council Tax band. SEPA have approximately a quarter of the Septic Tanks mapped as it has only been a requirement since 2012 that when buying or selling a house that these get licenced. Scottish Water have partial information (not included as data not provided in a suitable format) and Scottish Assessors collect some as well (not included due to percieved licensing restrictions). SEPA, Local Authorities, Scottish Water and Scottish Assessors are keen to combine data to create a complete and comprehensive view of all Septic Tanks in Scotland.

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    Sediment Monitoring Sites in Scotland

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    WaterMonitoring Sites in Scotland

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    Scottish Planning Policy sets out the Scottish Government's policies in relation to economic development in Scotland. An Employment Land Audit is produced to monitor the supply, take up and status of employment land in line with National Guidance. The audit assesses the range and choice of marketable sites and locations for businesses with a variety of size and quality requirements. The audit identifies the availability and constraints of employment land sites within the local authority.