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    Highland Council Community Partnerships areas. The Highland Community Planning Partnership brings together public agencies, third sector organisations and other key community groups to work collaboratively with the people of Highland to deliver better outcomes.

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    Location of litter bins maintained by the North Ayrshire Council Streetscene team

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    Location of winter grit bins within North Ayrshire

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    Location of Household Waste Recycling Points within North Ayrshire

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    Scottish Planning Policy ( SPP) requires that a five-year ongoing effective land supply is available to meet the identified housing land requirements. Planning authorities should therefore carry out regular monitoring of housing completions and the progress of sites through the planning process. This can be achieved through the preparation of a Housing Land Audit, carried out annually by the planning authority in conjunction with housing and infrastructure providers.

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    North Ayrshire Locality Boundaries within North Ayrshire. Used by Community Planning Partnership.

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    The vacant and derelict land survey is undertaken annually to establish the extent and state of vacant and derelict land in North Ayrshire and the amount of land that has been rehabilitated since the previous survey.

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    Boundaries of Alcohol Prohibition Areas within North Ayrshire

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    Areas of Greatest Potential. Scottish Planning Policy states that planning authorities “should identify where there is strategic capacity for wind farms, and areas with the greatest potential for wind development”. Areas of greatest scope for further investigating the feasibility of developing wind farms. These areas have been identified on Policy Guidance maps by removing additional constraints from the spatial framework map of the areas likely to be most appropriate for wind farm development. The remaining areas which have been mapped for each development typology are the areas with the fewest constraints and therefore the greatest potential for wind farm developments.

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    The Food Hygiene Information Scheme data shows how food businesses within North Ayrshire did at their most recent food hygiene compliance visit. The data lists the name and address of all businesses included in the scheme and shows their compliance status and date of last inspection.