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    Highland Council Area Secondary School Catchments.This dataset is maintained by the Care & Learning Service.

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    Highland Council Area Primary School Catchments.This dataset is maintained by the Care & Learning Service.

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    Line dataset representing the Scottish canal centre line split into 1km sections.

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    A survey issued by the Scottish Government to establish the extent & state of vacant & derelict land in Scotland. Local Authorities return data to the Scottish Government for checking.

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    The One Scotland Gazetteer is an address database made up of all 32 individual local authority gazetteers. All addresses are created in accordance with the national standard for addressing, BS7666:2006 and the Scottish Gazetteer Conventions. Key features include: Spatially referenced address records, Property lifecycle details, Full compliance to the Scottish Gazetteer Conventions.

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    Noise Management Areas are required by the Environmental Noise Directive. The Noise Management Areas provide a framework for the local management of noise.

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    A point dataset depicting the location of locks on Scottish Canal’s network.

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    Point dataset depicting Scottish Canal’s Boat Lifts.

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    Quiet areas are selected from a source dataset comprising of Historic Parks and Gardens, Public or Other Open Spaces and Metropolitan Open Land taken from the Land Use Constraints dataset as well as relevant Scottish Natural Heritage designation.

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    In Moray, the education authority discharges its duty to secure adequate and efficient education for the local authority area by operating a “catchment area” system to enable parents/carers to comply with their duty to provide efficient education for their child(ren). The zones (catchment areas) are shown as delineated areas on maps. Information on these catchment areas is available at the Moray Council website. Most parents of children living within the catchment area will choose for their children to attend the designated primary and secondary school for their catchment area. If a parent wishes their child to be enrolled at a school which is not the designated catchment area school for their postal address, they must make an out-of-zone ‘placing request’.