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    The non-denominational primary school catchment areas in Fife, each of which is associated with one non-denominational primary school and used as a catchment area for enrolment at the school.

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    Dataset provides details of boundaries of polling districts and the location of the respective polling places in Fife.

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    The boundaries for each polling station district used in elections.

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    Conservation areas have special architectural or historic interest. There are 49 in Edinburgh. The Council must protect these areas, and there are extra rules to control building work.

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    The Historic Land use Assessment (HLA) is a technique for helping understand the historic aspects of the landscape around us from an archaeological perspective. The HLA records the historical origins of the various components that make up the landscape, showing how they interrelate spatially and chronologically, and in doing so offers an insight into some of the processes that have created our modern landscape and enables us to recognise how features that survive from past events continue to influence the present. As such, the HLA is a key tool for understanding the historic landscape and complements other techniques of landscape assessment. In combination these enable a more holistic view of the landscape and its development over time to be achieved and approaches to landscape management and planning to be better integrated.

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    Buildings are listed by Historic Scotland for their special architectural or historic interest on behalf of the Scottish Government. The aim of listing such buildings is to protect or enhance their special character by affording them statutory protection. The principles for listing buildings are fairly complex and there is no right of appeal against the Scottish Governments decision to list a property.\\nListed buildings are listed in 3 categories - A, B and C.\\nCategory A listed buildings are of national or international importance.\\nCategory B listed buildings are of regional importance.\\nCategory C buildings are of local importance.\\nA building's listing covers its interior, exterior and any object or structure fixed to a building or which falls within the curtilage of such a building, forming part of the land since before 1 July 1948.

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    Moray Onshore Wind Energy Landscape Character Types (Moray)

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    Tree Preservation Orders (TPO's) are served on potentially vulnerable trees which are of significant amenity value to the community as a whole, or trees of significant biodiversity value.

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    The aim of this designation is to protect areas of strategically important landscapes from inappropriate development. The designation also aims to promote the highest standards of design to retain the traditional character of these areas. There are 8 Areas of Great Landscape Value (AGLV’s) in Moray.

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    The objective of the designation is to protect and enhance the Moray coast for its landscape, nature conservation, recreation and tourism benefits. The undeveloped coastline is protected through identification of a Coastal Protection Zone (CPZ) within which only certain types of development will be acceptable.