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    The map shows the potential for the rocks to supply groundwater and the type of groundwater flow within the rocks. The dataset reattributes polygons in the Digital Geological Map Data of Great Britain - 625k (DiGMapGB-625) Bedrock version 5 dataset to indicate whether the bedrock is an aquifer, the type of flow through the aquifer (fracture and fissure flow or intergranular flow) and how productive the aquifer is likely to be. The dataset is based on the known hydrogeological properties of rock types. The dataset covers just the bedrock formations for the UK and the Isle of Man. The data can be used for planning, environmental analysis, water supply and hazards.

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    Late Submission Sites submitted as part of the Local Plan Review Main Issues Report

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    Potential areas of contaminated land

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    Areas where Permitted Development rights under classes 1,7 & 8 of Town Country Planning (General Permitted Development)(Scotland) Order 1992 have been revoked.

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    Gives catchments areas of St Margarets and St Thomas RC Primary Schools

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    National Vegetation Classification (NVC) survey. Classifies British vegetation into a series of plant communities according to phytosociological groups using standard field methods and data analysis/classification techniques. The methodology is based on taking quadrats using a strict sampling system from stands of homogeneous vegetation.

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    In response to local declines in common seal numbers, the Scottish Government introduced conservation orders under the Conservation of Seals Act 1970 to provide additional protection on a precautionary basis for vulnerable local populations of common seals. In September 2004, the Conservation of Seals (Scotland) Order 2004 to cover common and grey seals in the Moray Firth, and in March 2007, the Conservation of Seals (Scotland) Order 2007 to cover common seals only in the Northern Isles and Firth of Tay. The Marine (Scotland) Act 2010 introduces provisions for existing orders to continue, and for new ones to be introduced administratively as Seal Conservation Areas. The repeal of the Conservation of Seals Act 1970 on 31st January 2011 means that the existing orders will cease if not replaced by Seal Conservation Areas. The Scottish Government intends therefore to continue these existing orders in the form of Seal Conservation Areas from 1 February 2010.

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    Angus Council has prepared a Core Paths Plan for the Council area, to meet the requirements of the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003. The Plan was adopted by the Council on 23 November 2010. Core paths form the basic framework of paths, linking with other access provision. Any route across land or inland water can be a core path. The core paths network as a whole should provide access opportunities for the full range of access takers, including walkers, cyclists and horseriders, of varying abilities. Some core paths will be surfaced paths suitable for all abilities use others will be rough tracks, grass paths or routes across open land.

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    Tree Preservation Orders in Angus

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    Towns used in the Corporate Address Gazetteer for the generation of addresses