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    This web mapping service (WMS) contains all the layers held on Marine Scotland Maps (NMPi) portal, excluding any layers consumed from a third party WMS. Layers which are licensed only for the viewing via MS Maps may be hidden from the service.

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    This web feature service (WMS) contains those layers held on Marine Scotland's Marine Scotland Maps portal where Marine Scotland are the originator or custodian, but the data is limited to view only (eg licensed IPR from third party). Marine Scotland are a directorate of the Scottish Government.

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    Salmon Rivers in Scotland (2008) digital data produced by Scottish Government Marine Scotland Science with information from Fisheries Trusts and other sources.

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    These layers are the outputs of research which developed a national river temperature model for Scotland capable of predicting both daily maximum river temperature and sensitivity to climate change. The layers show the following: summer_max_tw_2015_16 – Predictions of maximum daily river temperatures for the hottest day between July 2015 and June 2016. summer_max_tw_2003 – Predictions of maximum daily river temperatures for the hottest year in the last 20 years (2003). summer_climate_change_sensitivity – Predictions of the change in river temperature that would result from a 1°C increase in air temperature