LLTNP Camping byelaws management zones 2017


LLTNP Camping byelaws management zones 2017
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Camping management zones
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Camping byelaws
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Your Park management zones
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Management zones defined by Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park Camping Management Byelaws 2017. The zones define the areas where the byelaws can be applied with the National Park.
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  • Overview of LLTNP Camping Management Byelaws 2017 management zones and LLTNP boundary
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Data was captured at 1:25,000 scale using OS 1:25,000 colour raster current at 2014
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EPSG / OSGB 1936 / British National Grid (EPSG:27700) / 7.9

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An initial assessment of where camping management zones were required was undertaken in 2014 and these areas were captured against Ordnance Survey 1:25,000 scale colour raster. Further work was done to refine the zones in preparation for the public consultation on the camping management byelaw proposals, which took place in January 2015. The management zones were adjusted to take into account the public consultation responses in 2015. The final proposed management zones were submitted as part of the Proposed Camping Management Byelaws to Scottish Minsters in May 2015. The byelaws were confirmed by Scottish Ministers in January 2016, with no changes to the final proposed management zones, which then became the final version which is this dataset. The Loch Lomond & TheTrossachs National Park Camping Management Byelaws 2017 were published in November 2016. The byelaws legally define the Management Zones as the areas delineated on the plans annexed to the byelaws. The byelaws will apply in the Management Zones between the 1st March and the 30th September each calendar year, commencing on the 1st March 2017. The management Zones were captured using Ordnance Survey 1:25,000 scale colour raster (2014) as follows: Where possible the boundary was matched to the nearest physical feature that could be identified on the ground and on the map. Where this was not possible, without substantially altering the extent of the proposed zone, the boundary was captured relative to physical features that could be identified on the ground and on the map, either as a line connecting two identified features or by offsetting the line at a known distance from an identified feature. The offset distance used was generally 200m and in some places a smaller offset of 50m was used. The offsets were created using Ordnance Survey VectorMap District Vector data (nominal scale 1:25,000). In one area a slightly different method was adopted where the zone encompassed the current East Loch Lomond Camping Byelaws (2011) (ELL) area. The ELL area conformed to the Buchanan extension to the Stirling Council Consumption of Alcohol in a Public Place byelaw (SC) area which was defined by Stirling Council using Ordnance Survey MasterMap (OSMM) data. Where the boundary followed a feature from the OSMM data that was identifiable on the OS 1:25,000 scale colour raster, it was matched to that feature. In some open locations, where there was no common feature identifiable in both datasets the original OSMM line was maintained, and the boundary remains as defined by the ELL and SC byelaws. In one other area, a small section of the management zone boundary at the west end of Loch Arklet was moved slightly north so that it encompassed the route of the Great Trossachs Path. This path line was not visible on the map and the line used was derived from a more recent, larger scale map background. There are two attribute fields in the dataset: Zone_ID (Numeric identifier for the management zone reflecting the plan numbering used in the published byelaw) and Zone_name (Geographic name for the management zone as defined by the published byelaw)


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