SGN gas network - Scotland


SGN gas network - Scotland
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SGN create 4 separate data layers (by pressure tier) to depict the location of their gas network: LP - Low Pressure (19 mbar - 75 mbar) MP - Medium Pressure (75mbar - 2 bar) IP - Intermediate Pressure (2 bar - 7 bar) HP - Regional High Pressure (>7 bar) The gas network data is up to date at the time of publication, but it is given without warranty as to the accuracy of the information shown. Service pipes, valves, siphons, sub-connections etc. are not shown but their presence should be anticipated. No liability of any kind whatsoever is accepted by SGN or its agents, servants or sub-contractors for any error or omission. Should the user wish to excavate in the vicinity of pipelines, the User should visit SGN via for further information. SGN use an on-line mapping system, accessible via the web pages or, this process should be used to obtain up to date maps and safety information before you excavate. However if you need more information please contact our Safety Admin team on 0800 912 1722 or by email: For the avoidance of doubt, safe digging practices, in accordance with HS (G) 47, must be used to verify and establish the actual position of mains, pipes, services and other apparatus on site before any mechanical plant is used. It is your responsibility to ensure that this information is provided to all persons (whether direct labour or contractors) working for you on or near gas apparatus. Mains shown in the data are those owned by SGN by virtue of being a licensed Gas Transporter (GT). Gas pipes owned by other GT’s, or third parties, may also be present in the area and are not shown in the data. Information with regard to such pipes should be obtained from the relevant owners

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The Improvement Service
West Lothian
EH54 6AX
United Kingdom
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  • Transport networks
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This data is specifically available to any local authority in Scotland as per the Improvement service/ SGN Data Sharing Agreement.
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  • Utilities communication
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Reference system identifier
EPSG / OSGB 1936 / British National Grid (EPSG:27700) / 7.9

Reference system identifier
EPSG / ETRS89 (EPSG:4258) / 7.9

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EPSG / WGS 84 / Pseudo-Mercator (EPSG:3857) / 7.9

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  • OGC:WMC ( 1.3.0 )

This dataset was amalgamated and optimised by the SGN before upload to Spatial Hub Please contact for more details.


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Point of contact

The Improvement Service
West Lothian
EH54 6AX
United Kingdom